Adam Hooker
Adam Hooker changed the culture of the Slashers from a pushover to a regular championship contender.

Adam Hooker, a low round draft pick, dominated SB2, leading the league in stops and his team to the finals. SB3 saw a Slashers title and MVP award for Adam.
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Slash & Dash: Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell
Hailing from College Park, GA – Scott Campbell brings his southern style to the gunner spot on the Slashers. Smooth and effortless best describes his scoring tactics.
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Missing Piece: Corey Beezhold

A stupefying athlete to behold, Corey Beezhold teamed with Adam Hooker, Scott Campbell and Tarron Williams to form an unstoppable starting unit in SB3 and deliver the Slashers their first championship. The Slashers have built a winning culture.
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Coming Up: Brandon Harrison

Brandon Harrison is an explosive combo Handler/Gunner on the wing with a ton of upside. Full Body Windmill »

SLASHERS Team Overview

Coach Stapleton
SlamBall 1 record – 2-7
Finish: 6th (out of Playoffs)
Coach: Kevin Stapleton
Team MVP: Tarron Williams

SlamBall 2 record – 6-4
Finish: 4th (Finals loss to Riders)
Coach: Kevin Stapleton
Team MVP: Adam Hooker

SlamBall 3 record – 7-5
Finish: Championship
Coach: Kevin Stapleton
Team MVP: Adam Hooker

Notes: The SLASHERS have appeared in the championship round during every competition Adam Hooker has participated in.

All-Time Scoring Leader: Scott Campbell
All-Time Assists Leader: Corey Beezhold
All-Time Stops Leader: Adam Hooker

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  1. Adam Hooker – Video Feature

    Adam Hooker talks about being the league’s premiere defensive force. Comment below… Connect to More Great SlamBall Stuff: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend
  2. Slashers vs Steal [Full Game] S1

    Another full game by popular demand. It’s the Steal versus the Slashers in a run & gun extravaganza. Check out Stan “Shakes” Fletcher and Michael Goldman at their crazy combo-ing best and the mid-range magic and all out aerial contortion-ism of fan favorite Eian Daniels, who sure put up the...
  3. Adam Hooker Mr. Offense

    Normally, Adam Hooker plays in the stopper position. This time, he wanted to see if he could get a slam like the other guys. Hooker gets a pass at center court and takes the ball into the tramps by himself. He flips the ball up and waits for the stopper...
  4. Eian Daniels Circus Shot

    John Williams in the island, passes the ball down to Joe Cocca. Cocca from under the hoop, throws the ball out to Eian Daniels at the top of the tramps. Daniels makes his way into the air and maneuvers the ball around and lays it in. Comment Below… Connect to...
  5. Who Ya Got? Hooker vs Ardines

    Sometimes you don’t need flash and style, sometimes what you need to get it done is just a solid, strong jam. Adam Hooker used that philosophy on this face-off where he went up and brought the ball from his right to the left for the easy flush. Get in, get...
  6. Who Ya Got? Turner vs Williams

    In this face-off, Tarron Williams goes up against James Turner. Williams gets the ball and heads towards the tramps as Turner enters the tramps from the side. Williams looks like he is going right, but then pulls the ball over to the left to sneak around Turner to win the...
  7. Slashers Set the Table

    The Bandits get the ball to start, but quickly give up the ball on a miscue. Sheggy Obebe picks up the ball and passes it out to Tarron Williams. Williams takes the ball down the court, gets hip-checked, and enters the tramps. Williams spies Dan Knuckey on the outside. Williams...
  8. Coach Stapleton Be Aggressive

    During a timeout, Coach Kevin Stapleton tells the Slashers that they need to be more aggressive. The best stopper in the league Adam Hooker, had just been slammed on twice by Gerrie Herring. The Slashers cannot finish a 3-on-1 break because they are simply not being aggressive. Hopefully Coach Stapleton...
  9. Dan Knuckey Big Shoulder

    One of the great things about SlamBall is the blend of different sports which make up the game. In this Faceoff, Dan Knuckey incorporates basketball and football into his move, flying horizontally through the air as if he is going to tackle with his opponent. See if they actually collide...

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