Freestyle Frenzy: Stan Fletcher

Maulers gunner Stan Fletcher is a true innovator in the sport. Fletcher has created so many custom moves that he has developed a Freestyle approach to the game that’s unique among players.
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Super Stopper: David Redmond

David Redmond is a monster defending the rim at the stopper position. An original six SlamBall player, David was the first truly dominant defender in the game. Check out Dave’s domination at the Stopper spot.
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Passing Attack: Mike Goldman

One of the original six SlamBall players, Michael Goldman is widely regarded as the best passer in SlamBall history. Goldman’s connections with Stan Fletcher are among the most spectacular ever in the sport.
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MAULERS Team Overview

SlamBall 1 record – 4-6
Finish: 4th (Semi-finals loss to Rumble)
Coach: Brian Taylor
Team MVP: Stan Fletcher

SlamBall 2 record – 2-8
Finish: 7th-T (Out of Playoffs)
Coach: Brian Taylor
Team MVP: Stan Fletcher

SlamBall 3 record – 5-7
Finish: 5th (Out of Playoffs)
Coach: John Starks
Team MVP: Stan Fletcher

Notes: The MAULERS competed in both SB1 and SB2 as the STEAL.

Stan “Shakes” Fletcher is SlamBall’s all-time leading scorer.

All-Time Scoring Leader: Stan Fletcher
All-Time Assists Leader: Michael Goldman
All-Time Stops Leader: David Redmond

  1. Total Teamwork Maulers Drejaj Johnson

    Anthony Drejaj makes his way down the court, knocking over a Rumble defender before he enters the tramps. Stan “Shakes” Fletcher lobs the ball to Drejaj in the island. Drejaj quickly lays the ball over to Craig “Cornbread” Johnson, who gets up and picks up three. Comment Below… Connect to...
  2. Maulers Triple Threat

    Stan “Shakes” Fletcher gets a pass and goes up for a huge slam. The Rumble try to pull together a play, but they force a turnover. Michael Goldman gets the ball, enters the tramps and then passes it to Bryce Arledge, who banks it off the backboard for two. Back...
  3. Total Teamwork Maulers Fletcher Arledge

    Anthony Drejai tries to put the ball in the hoop, but is unable to score. He then picks up the loose ball and pitches it back to Stan “Shakes” Fletcher. Fletcher uses himself as a decoy to bring out the stopper. He then dumps the ball over to Bryce Arledge,...
  4. Super Stoppers Ice Jones

    Albert Jones goes up and blocks the attack. Jones then grabs the ball and holds of the Rumble. The Maulers try to run a quick attack, but Ivan “Ice” Latimore spots them coming and blocks the ball from entering the basket. The Rumble then hold the ball to get a...
  5. Who Ya Got? Ice vs Arledge

    Bryce Arledge prohibits Ivan “Ice” Latimore from jumping and blocking the attack, sending them into a face-off. Ice gets the ball and and charges the hoop. Arledge is able to reach out and knock the ball out of Ice’s hand. Even though the Maulers won the face-off, the Rumble get...
  6. Fletcher Wicked Iso

    Stan “Shakes” Fletcher is known for his amazing body control and innovative moves off the SlamBall tramps. What most people don’t know about Shakes is that he’s got handles! Check out the crossover he throws at Whitney White off the bounce as he makes his move to the hole. Shakes...
  7. Total Teamwork Maulers Fletcher Arledge

    Stan “Shakes” Fletcher brings down the hammer. The Rumble try to run a play but the ball gets intercepted by the Maulers. Michael Goldman gets the ball and enters the tramps. Goldman passes the ball to Bryce Arledge in the side tramp and Arledge uses the backboard to get the...
  8. Super Stoppers Redmond Ice

    The Maulers make a move and enter the tramps. Ivan “Ice” Latimore is able to get up and knock the ball away, preventing a slam. On the other end, the Rumble try to attack the rim but David Redmond bats the ball to the side. The Maulers have the ball...
  9. Who Ya Got? Arledge vs Janisse

    In this face-off, Bryce Arledge goes up against Jelani Janisse. Arledge pulls a foot fake but Janisse does not take the bait. The two enter the tramps and elevate at the same time. Arledge swings the ball around Janisse and is able to put the ball through the net to...

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Basketball & Football Collide

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