THE Gunner: Chris Young

Chris Young
BOUNCERS high-flying gunner Chris Young, AKA “the Ghetto Bird” is a LA streetball and Drew League legend and top SlamBall scorer.

Young’s track & field background allowed him to perfect a technique to skip across the springs at maximum velocity to max out air while retaining speed. His relentless approach makes him one of the most effective gunners.
Ghetto Bird from the Drew League »

James Lee: R U Serious?

Trust…you don’t really want it with James Lee. A 6’6″ 235lb beast on the wing, Lee is freaky fast and incredibly powerful in the air. James is additionally one of the most well-liked players among his peers.
James Lee: Beast Mode »
One of the Best Dunk Videos Ever »

Throwback: Dion Bailey

Dion Bailey went from raining jumpers in SB1 to smashing down impossibly powerful dunks in SB2. Bailey’s transition to mid-air devastator became complete as he led a ferocious team of one-on-one attackers including the relentless Chris Young and muscular James Lee.
Too Hot to Handle: Dion Bailey »

Deft Defender: Rodney Bond

Stopper Rodney Bond is one of the few players to maintain elite production over multiple seasons. Block Machine »

BOUNCERS Team Overview

Coach Planells
SlamBall 1 record – 5-4
Finish: 3rd (Semi-final loss to Diablos)
Coach: Hernando Planells
Team MVP: Rob Wilson

SlamBall 2 record – 4-6
Finish: 6th (Out of Playoffs)
Coach: Hernando Planells
Team MVP: Rodney Bond

SlamBall 3 record – 2-10
Finish: 6th (Out of Playoffs)
Coach: Rocket Ismail & Hernando Planells
Team MVP: Chris Young

Notes: The BOUNCERS made the first-ever SlamBall draft choice in SB1, using the selection on 6’9″ Stopper out of Toronto, Canada – Rob Wilson.

Chris Young is featured in a viral online video, playing 1-on-1 with Michael Jordan.

All-Time Scoring Leader: Chris Young
All-Time Assists Leader: Dion Bailey
All-Time Stops Leader: Rodney Bond

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  1. Steal vs Bouncers [Full Game] S1

    The Steal run and gun and the Bouncers run and run and gun. This makes for a phenomenal high scoring game chock full of highlight. Comment below… Connect to More Great SlamBall Stuff: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend
  2. Rumble vs Bouncers [Full Game] S1

    The second full game has been uploaded! Head over to the video section on our Facebook page,, to check it out! More games to come. Comment Below… Connect to More Great SlamBall Stuff: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend
  3. Ghetto Bird Flies High

    Chris “Ghetto Bird” Young sets his eyes on the hoop and doesn’t stray away. As he gets towards the tramps, the Ghetto Bird makes a quick move to let the Diablos’ defender run right past him. The Ghetto Bird launches off the front tramp and slams the ball without anyone...
  4. Who Ya Got? Young vs Jackson

    In this face-off, Chris “Ghetto Bird” Young goes up against David Jackson. Jackson times his bounces right and blocks the Ghetto Bird from scoring. Not only did Jackson block the Ghetto Bird, but Jackson also had a broken jaw. Would you be able to slam into another person midair, block...
  5. Rob Wilson Sets It Off

    Rob Wilson takes out Josh Carlson and then blocks Whitney White. Wilson dives for the ball but Carlson picks it up and hands it to White. Wilson starts pushing White against the boards, trapping him and getting him angry. White does whatever he can to get Wilson off of him....
  6. Get to Know Coach Hernando Planells

    by: Evan Sporer     Before Hernando Planells ever got his start in SlamBall, he had to clear a few hurdles. After seeing an online ad seeking coaches for a “new sport,” Planells, married with a child, then living in Los Angeles, was looking for work, and open to trying...
  7. Dion Bailey: Too Hot to Handle

    by: Vernon Riley   SlamBall is an all star game with all star players that come from a variety of sports backgrounds. You have All-American football and basketball players, mixed martial artist and baseball players. Every player when asked will tell you that all the accolades in the other sports...
  8. Dion Bailey Hip Check

    As Ramone Floyd tries to pass the ball to a teammate, Dion Bailey picks it out of the air. Bailey turns around and heads toward the tramps, only to get hip checked by Floyd on his way in, sending them into a face-off. At the whistle, Bailey sprints towards the...
  9. Hella Hits

    SlamBall is a high contact sport. Players can check other players, just like hockey. This compilation of hits demonstrates how hard players can hit and what SlamBall athletes are prepared for during training. Comment Below… Connect to More Great SlamBall Stuff: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it...

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Basketball & Football Collide

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