Who Ya Got? Young vs Jackson

In this face-off, Chris “Ghetto Bird” Young goes up against David Jackson. Jackson times his bounces right and blocks the Ghetto Bird from scoring. Not only did Jackson block the Ghetto Bird, but Jackson also had a broken jaw. Would you be able to slam into another person midair, block the ball, and land with the person on top of you while you had a broken jaw? Comment Below…

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  1. Ray Ross Freaky Multi-Clutch

    Dion Mays from the Rumble does a solid job at stopping the ball at the net. On the rebound, Ray Ross picks up the loose ball. Ross takes the ball into the tramps, where Mays is up in the air. Ross finds a way to toss the ball up under...
  2. Ramone Moon Improvisation

    Ramone Moon and Brandon Harrison run an island exchange out of the timeout. Moon gets a bad bounce and is jammed up against 260lbs or stopping power in David Redmond. Ramone gets freaky creative with the off-hand lob to himself and springs back up for the smash before the larger...
  3. Jesse Bell Ring Ding

    The Bouncers try to attack the rim but see their offering blocked back, outside the tramps. The Bandits recover the loose ball and find Jesse “Skywalker” Bell open on the break. Skywalker comes in from the side tramp, squares up against the defender and splits off right with a ludicrous...
  4. Who Ya Got? Jelani or Corey

    After some illegal contact there is a big faceoff between Jelani Janisse and Corey Beezhold. Janisse, the handler for the Rumble, comes barreling down the middle of the court of at full speed. He launches into the air way ahead of Beezhold and soars for a throw-down in his opponents...

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