Who Ya Got? Young vs Jackson

In this face-off, Chris “Ghetto Bird” Young goes up against David Jackson. Jackson times his bounces right and blocks the Ghetto Bird from scoring. Not only did Jackson block the Ghetto Bird, but Jackson also had a broken jaw. Would you be able to slam into another person midair, block the ball, and land with the person on top of you while you had a broken jaw? Comment Below…

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  1. Brandon Harrison Windmill

    Illegal contact by Jamal Barnes results in a penalty and leads to a faceoff. Brandon Harrison gets the ball for the Slashers. After a few jab steps he rushes the hoop, seemingly going in for a power slam. But, while still on the way up, Harrison pulls the ball around...
  2. Slashers vs Steal [Full Game] S1

    Another full game by popular demand. It’s the Steal versus the Slashers in a run & gun extravaganza. Check out Stan “Shakes” Fletcher and Michael Goldman at their crazy combo-ing best and the mid-range magic and all out aerial contortion-ism of fan favorite Eian Daniels, who sure put up the...
  3. Mason Gordon Strategerie

    After the Bouncers miss a pass, David Jackson pounces on the ball. Ray Ross drops back to clear the ball out from Jackson. Ross passes the ball out to Mason Gordon on the wing who takes it into the tramps. Rodney Bond gets up, leaving Gordon the only option of...
  4. Tricky Shakedown from Fletcher

    Shakes reaches deep into his bag of tricks to create a different spin on his patented SHAKEDOWN maneuver. Fletcher gauges the timing of the Stopper and realizes his first option to smash the ball into the rim has little chance of success with Adam Hooker’s bounce being timed up with...

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