Who Ya Got? Young vs Jackson

In this face-off, Chris “Ghetto Bird” Young goes up against David Jackson. Jackson times his bounces right and blocks the Ghetto Bird from scoring. Not only did Jackson block the Ghetto Bird, but Jackson also had a broken jaw. Would you be able to slam into another person midair, block the ball, and land with the person on top of you while you had a broken jaw? Comment Below…

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  1. Total Teamwork Mob

    Noah Ballou takes the ball into the tramps and passes it off to Trevor Anderson who jumps from the side tramp to the top tramp. Ballou turns around onto the side tramp and leaps forward. Anderson relays the ball back to Ballou who enters the bottom tramp and goes up...
  2. More Awesome Action Diablos Bouncers

    The Diablos and Bouncers go back and forth, blocking each other to start until Rob Wilson brings one home. The Diablos answer right back with a nice little shot from Ray Ross. Then comes a face-off. Mason Gordon fouled Wilson has he was entering a tramp. Wilson is much bigger...
  3. Who Ya Got? Garrett Bailey

    In this face-off, Dion Bailey goes up against LaMonica Garrett. Bailey fakes his start and charges to the tramps. Garrett falls for the fake and slows down a bit as he jumps onto the springs. Garrett meets Bailey at his peak to for a big block. Comment Below… Connect to...
  4. Can’t Stop: Anthony White

    Anthony White is 6’9″, 220 lbs and played basketball for USC. He’s the other kind of dominant Stopper in SlamBall. While George Byrd and Adam Hooker represent the type of burly, strong Stopper…White dominates with long arms, ridiculous athleticism and a cast iron will to influence both sides of the...

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