Back 2 Back Garrett Jackson

The Mob get the bounce in, but quickly lose the ball. The hustle back gets the Mob the ball again, getting it to LaMonica Garrett. Garrett attacks the rim and picks up three. Within a few seconds, David Jackson gets the ball and answers Garrett’s slam. Comment Below…

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  1. David Redmond Locks it Down

    David Redmond is an elite stopper in SlamBall. A stunning 6’9″, left-handed and ambidextrous with the swattage, Redmond can lock up the entire opposing attack for long stretches of any game when he’s in rhythm. The Rumble’s James “Champ” Willis always brings it strong, but is turned back by Redmond...

    In response to a number of emails and a recent radio interview, the question has been posed to me of late: “what rules do I need to know to understand SlamBall?” A great question. You need to know a little bit about basketball, and most of the rules are little,...
  3. Young v White Faceoff

    Popcorn is illegal in SlamBall. No, not the snack; popcorn is when a defender jumps on the tramps and takes away the bounce for an offensive player going to the hoop. Disrupting an offensive player’s bounce leads to a penalty and a faceoff which is exactly what we have here....
  4. Bailey Out of My Seat

    Chris Young gets this highlight started as he wills the ball in the hoop even while taking a big hit. Calvin Patterson tries to outdo Young with a big dunk of his own but is denied at the rim which springs Dion Bailey on the break. Bailey flies up the...

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