Back 2 Back Campbell Inches

Two of SlamBall greatest players go back to back and attack the rim. First, Scott Campbell receives the ball in the air and slams the ball. On the other side of the court, Chris Campbell almost blows an opportunity but Sean “Inches” Jackson is right behind to help him out. Inches launches from the tramp and quickly puts the ball in the net. Comment Below…

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  1. Get to Know Coach Brendan Kirsch

    by: Evan Sporer     Most 16-year-old boys spend their time doing the similar things; chasing girls, playing video games and living the life of a teenager. But at age 16, Brendan Kirsch found himself filling the role of an adult; a role he later realized was his passion. Brendan...
  2. Awesome Action Inches Shakes

    Stan “Shakes” Fletcher dives on the floor to pick up a loose ball and passes it out to Sam Jones, who gives right back to Shakes. Shakes tosses the ball up and banks it off the backboard to pick up two. Sean “Inches” Jackson gets the ball and tries to...
  3. Inches Jackson’s Crazy Clutch Shot

    Fan favorite and freaky aerial artist, Sean “Inches” Jackson twists his body into the wicked Cirque du Soleil audition of a scoring play. Comment below. Connect to More Great SlamBall Stuff: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend
  4. Mob vs Rumble [Full Game] S1

    SlamBall games are like fights, they are all about team styles and how they compliment one another. When the Rumble and the Mob get together, it’s always tense, but if you want to see some wild heavyweight slugging on the SlamBall court, look no further than these two physical powerhouse...

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Basketball & Football Collide

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