Scott Campbell Sideline Slammage

In this face-off, Scott Campbell goes up against Quinton Nowling. Campbell starts with the ball at half and waits for the right moment. He takes off down the sideline. He enters the side tramp with such force that he launches towards the hoop. Nowling is unable to catch up to Campbell. Campbell slams the ball and picks up the extra points. Comment Below…

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  1. Fletcher v Bowden

    After a block Stan “Shakes” Fletcher gets the outlet pass and heads towards the hoop. Once he’s airborne towards for the tramps, he gets hit by Myree Bowden, resulting in a faceoff. With the ball in his hands, Shakes takes off towards the basket, looking to slam it home and...
  2. D’Andre Faison: Watch Yourself

    There’s protecting the rim and a whole ‘nother level of top tier turnbacks. Even Hombres standout scorer Myree Bowden sees not to challenge this superior positioning. D’Andre Faison played backup stopper to powerhouse Slashers star Adam Hooker, but was easily one of the top rookie stopper prospects and often put...
  3. Jelani Janisse Domination

    Serious domination by Rumble handler Jelani Janisse on successive trips down the SlamBall floor. Jelani is 6’4″ 230lbs, built like a hum-vee and is without question the fastest guy on the floor. Mass times acceleration equals force and Jelani puts his full force on full display in the ensuing clip;...
  4. WTF Ray Ross

    In this face-off Ray Ross goes up against Chris Young. Ross charge towards the tramps as Young sneaks in from the side. Ross hits the springs, launching him up in the air. Young gets up, creating an obstacle for Ross. Ross swings the ball around Young and slams it into...

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