Scott Campbell Sideline Slammage

In this face-off, Scott Campbell goes up against Quinton Nowling. Campbell starts with the ball at half and waits for the right moment. He takes off down the sideline. He enters the side tramp with such force that he launches towards the hoop. Nowling is unable to catch up to Campbell. Campbell slams the ball and picks up the extra points. Comment Below…

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  1. Dion Bailey: Too Hot to Handle

    by: Vernon Riley   SlamBall is an all star game with all star players that come from a variety of sports backgrounds. You have All-American football and basketball players, mixed martial artist and baseball players. Every player when asked will tell you that all the accolades in the other sports...
  2. Jelani Shimmy

    The Rumble force a tie-up, which in SlamBall always gives the ball back to the defense. With the ball back in play Jelani Janisse wastes no time getting to the bucket. Cutting quickly past one defender, Janisse gets to the tramps and takes off. During his flight, Janiesse fakes right...
  3. Who Ya Got? Ice vs Arledge

    Bryce Arledge prohibits Ivan “Ice” Latimore from jumping and blocking the attack, sending them into a face-off. Ice gets the ball and and charges the hoop. Arledge is able to reach out and knock the ball out of Ice’s hand. Even though the Maulers won the face-off, the Rumble get...
  4. Jelani Janisse Slow Motion

    The Bandits try to find a way to score, but David Redmond snatches the ball out of the air and passes it out to Jelani Janisse. Janisse rushes down the court to try to catch the defense off guard. Janisse jumps into the front tramp and soars through the air,...

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