Who Ya Got? Bailey Ballou

In this edition of Who Ya Got?, Dion Bailey goes up against Noah Ballou in a face-off. Bailey runs down the court and onto the tramps as Ballou comes in from the side. They meet just before the hoop. Ballou swats the ball out of Bailey’s hand, stopping him from gaining points. Comment Below…

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  1. SlamBall Bytes – “Champ” Willis

    Rumble gunner and two time champion James “Champ” Willis stops by the mic for an interview after winning the game MVP award after a hard fought Rumble victory. One of the most entertaining players in the game, James talks about besting his former Riders teammate George Byrd, at least on...
  2. Whitney White Takeover

    Off a loose ball, the Rumble charge the tramps. Tommie Davis has a clear path to the rim but passes it off to Whitney White who flies in from the side with a double pump over the shoulder slam. Steal’s ball and Elton Mashack takes White out from behind, sending...
  3. Vote to send Josh Carlson and IAMWE to London

    MESSAGE TO SLAMBALL FANS FROM STAR BOUNCERS HANDLER JOSH CARLSON Every Year the Hard Rock Hotel/Restaurants put on a big music festival called Hard Rock Calling. Last year they had 40-50,000 people in NYC. This year the festival is in London. Also, every year they do a big battle of...
  4. Calvin Patterson – Triple Clutch

    Calvin Patterson, Riders championship playoff MVP goes at it again with the freaky, mid-air triple clutch maneuver against the Rumble. Nobody has ever been better at finding the seams and using their hang time to maximum advantage to finish the play. Bob Papa and Pat Parnell on the call. Comment...

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