Pick Your Gunner: Scott Campbell vs. Stan Fletcher

By: Daniel McNamara

The Case For Scott Campbell

In sports, winning is everything. It is the drive that makes each and every athlete push harder than the man across from him. Scott Campbell’s trophy case is worth more than most men’s mortgages; he is the epitome of a winner.

“My uncle owns a gymnastics gym”, said Campbell. “I’ve been jumping all my life, so this is pretty much second nature”. When it comes to the laws of SlamBall, the only one pertinent for Mr. Campbell is winning. He will score 34 points one night and 4 the next, as long as he wins. His only concern is to try and put the ball in the hoop and do whatever it takes to win. “I’ve been jumping all my life, so this is pretty much second nature.”Scott must have watched Allen Iverson’s famous “Practice” speech over and over and has used that for drive and inspiration. He will practice, practice, practice until game time, and then practice some more after he wins. He has a silent assassins mentality where as long as he sees the ball touch nylon, he is satisfied. This satisfaction may last one defensive possession until the next trip down the court when he wants nothing less than the outcome of his previous possession. For Scott Campbell, winning is everything and anything that comes before or after that is simply secondary.

To have someone who can provide for his teammates like Campbell can is something most teams wish their gunner could do. Having had a background in gymnastics, Campbell is able to use his jumping ability to score and also throw off opposing teams. He is able to hang in the air long enough for the defender to go down which allows him to pass or rise and dunk. Few men know how hard it is to contain Campbell, and man do I feel for those dudes.Having this option on offense allows for his teammates to be that much better, which will lead to frustration for the opposing defense. Few men know how hard it is to contain Campbell, and man do I feel for those dudes.

Winning for Campbell is all or nothing. Losers never win and winners never lose. His two championship appearances have shown the sport that his teams are always at the top of the SlamBall world. It is not always the team with the best player that wins, but the team with the smartest and toughest player to guard. Campbell reads the defense like no other and gets many to think the opposite of what he is going to do. If you were to start a team from scratch and didn’t include this man on it, then you don’t know SlamBall. His jumping ability alone makes him one of the scariest athletes in the game. Combine that ability with his smarts for the game and you have one of the most prolific, upper echelon players the sport has seen.

The Case For Stan Fletcher

Aside from winning, the next greatest feeling, or feat, in sports is showtime. Each sport has its stars, its drama queens, its bullies, and its ballers; SlamBall has mostly ballers. In SlamBall, when the stars align, the galaxy revolves around one man, “Shakes”. Some say that we all existed in a previous life. Many wish they could know what that previous life was like. One man is lucky enough to have a good idea of what his prior life on earth was. His name is Stan “Shakes” Fletcher. “He is from a planet where they already had SlamBall”, said Mason Gordon. If they played on grass, he would be the best, if they played on sand he would be the best, and when they play on trampolines, he is by far, bar none, the best SlamBaller there is. In SlamBall, when the stars align, the galaxy revolves around one man, “Shakes”.Call up the trophy makers and make sure they etch his name into the MVP trophy until he shakes no more because until then, there will be no one that can do what he does. He has a shaken what his mama has given him and more. On the court, has made more heads spin than a top or tongue twister would. Stan Fletcher is SlamBall.

Make sure to lay off the sleeping pills before you watch Shakes take to the trampolines or else you will miss a once in a lifetime experience. There is nothing, or no one, that Stan cannot jump over, around and even through. Gather up your wins, your championships, but at the end of the day, when it is all said and done, I want the best individual player to ever play the game on my side, Shakes.

Making moves up as you dribble is hard enough, but to make these moves up mid air is a feat not many can conquer. Stan Fletcher goes above and beyond this as he does all this while making his presence felt above the rim. When you step on the court, you try to be like Shakes. The torque he is able to get in his body from the jumps he takes is like no other. The facials he dishes out to so many at and above the rim make opposing coaches, players and fans cringe. He will get all up in your muck, he will do whatever it takes to make you shake in your shoes, he is the most complete SlamBaller in the game today.

He brings a basketball through his legs faster and more smoothly than most could bring a baseball through. His hands possess all the power in the world, as he is able to make his opponent focus primarily on his feet and the ball. Without a moment’s hesitation, he shakes you and with one sweeping move to the hoop the only thing you can do is run down court and play offense. He will get all up in your muck, he will do whatever it takes to make you shake in your shoes, he is the most complete SlamBaller in the game today.Oh, and also dread your next defensive trip. Stan is a great role model and idol for those who dream of bouncing on the same trampolines as him. He is an innovator for sport and someone who has the capability to make it one of the greatest sports in the world.

He was born to play SlamBall. Most marvel at what Shakes is able to do on and off the court for the game and only the unfortunate ones can truly know what it is to go against someone who puts you on the wrong side of highlight reels. You don’t need anyone else on offense when you have Stan; he does it all. He passes to himself and is able to create off any situation. He is a rim rattler and more efficient than a salt shaker. He at times seems he is moving effortlessly through the air as he soars up into the stratosphere and concocts a move that is about to top the midnight edition of sportscenter.

There is no doubt in my mind that at the end of the day, when it is all said and done, when the trampolines stopped bouncing, the rims had been rocked and the floor reeks of sweat and tears, I want Stan “Shakes” Fletcher on my team. There is no one in the world that can do what he does on a SlamBall court.

There is no “shake and bake” in this sport. The only shakes you need is Stan Fletcher. Shakes is the best SlamBaller in the world, and will always be first and foremost on my team. You will be the one getting shaked on the court by Stan, and I will be the one to receive my handshake after he beats you.

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  1. Tom

    July 7, 2011

    That pic would look geat on slamball video game cover for ps3.

  2. Micah

    June 29, 2011

    U guys are coming back soon??!!?

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