Long Lost Logos: Mob, Rumble and Slashers

In this (for now) final Long Lost Logos column, we’ll be looking at what might have been for three of the most venerable SlamBall teams; the Rumble, Mob and Slashers. Of the 18 playoff appearances by teams in SlamBall to date, eleven have been accounted for by these three teams and the Rumble and Slashers have accounted for two of the three world championships so far. Team concepts are always evolving, so there’s no telling if these directions will be revisited. As always, we welcome your feedback.


First up, the Mob, which evolved from this…

to this…

I admit, not that much of an improvement, but the Mob team is consistently a fan favorite and their gritty combination of the red & black colors and heart do connect with fans. So let’s look at what could have happened with the Mob logo prior to last season. If you’re inclined, feel free to submit your own designs for the Mob, Rumble, Slashers or any other team logo both current and throwback. Who knows, you might inspire the iconic logo of a team going forward.

Now…onto the Mob alternates…

First up, an alternate take on the Mob name, shifting the focus from a gangster-type Mob to an angry Mob (like the one chasing Frankenstein with pitchforks). This led to a proposed logo that was kind of interesting…

Worth developing a bit? It wasn’t the gangster Chicago Mob we always associated with the team from the beginning, but it wasn’t a total loss. Continued to develop until we had this…

I could sort of see it. The “O” with the fist holding the torch kind of worked as a stand-alone icon and it didn’t track as an “out-of-context” letter. It mixed up the colors of the jersey nicely with the oranges and white shades in the flame. Big problem…and this goes out to anybody out there designing mass market stuff…fire is a big FAT no-no. We were basically advised that fire-based logos are asking for letter writing campaigns from anti-arson advocacy groups and children’s safety organizations. It could also have a negative developmental effect on younger fans.

“Wait a minute, I said…what about the Miami Heat logo?!?! How is that okay and this isn’t?” The answer…a cartoon basketball that’s implied to be on fire is in an entirely different GALAXY than a clenched (and presumably angry) fist holding a torch with the obvious intent to set something ON FIIAAAHHHH!!!

…I had no smart-ass comeback for that one.

And so we soldiered on. A half-hearted attempt back at the gangster motif notwithstanding…

…we returned to the logo that’s held it down for the Mob since the first season. I still think the logo needs tweaking to find something really iconic, but we’ll just have to see how it shakes out next season and beyond.


Which brings us to the Rumble logo, which went from this Lakers knockoff gem from the warehouse days…

…to this green/silver/black bad boy.

Definitely iconic. One of our better designs and has certainly connected with fans around the world. We took a spin around design-ville to see if we could come up with other cool takes on it.

Gotta say, that is pretty cool.

Again, VERY cool.

Not as cool, but in the ballpark of something that could be special.

So here’s what it came down to. The Rumble and Mob are forever linked by being the first two SlamBall teams and the original SlamBall rivalry. We’re very proud of that. The players respond to it and the fans appreciate the significance of the teams’ history. So we didn’t feel like we could alter the Rumble team until we were ready to “upgrade” the look and feel of the Mob team as well. Maybe we could have, but it didn’t seem right until we had the perfect, iconic development of the Mob logo to go along with the development of the Rumble logo (which still had a ways to go, but it was definitely cool…). So we went with the existing logos last season for the Rumble and Mob, but we knew FOR CERTAIN that we COULDN’T stand pat with the Slashers.


For those of you who didn’t see the first couple SlamBall seasons, the Slashers (even though they played their tails off) were a gigantic aesthetic disaster.

Now Adam Hooker and the Slashers did their best to make those uniforms look good, but cranberry and baby blue, despite being a throwback color scheme for several pro teams, just wasn’t cutting it. Maybe it works as an alt uni, I’m not sure. The logo was hard to read (as it had seemingly been “slashed” through a thousand times and it was mind-numbingly small on the uniform jersey). Seriously, the action shot above is a CLOSE-UP and can YOU read the logo on the jersey? (Sigh) I take total responsibility for those uniforms and going into the third season, I was determined to make them right. The first attempt used a baby blue and gray color scheme.

We had a baby blue & white concept for the Rousties, so we knew either a cranberry/grey/white or bright red/white/grey color scheme was the direction.

Which was going to be it, until we got the last idea…

Super clean, super legible…and incorporated the sword concept that we liked so much from the first revised idea. It was a go on the red/grey/white and the Slashers did their makeover proud by posting their best season and capturing the SlamBall championship.

And before anybody gets up in arms about the old Slashers uniforms (which I’m sure will be throwback unis for the Slashers on leap year day or in-the-event-of-full-eclipse games), just take a look at the team concepts next to each other. Any time you can go from this…

…to THIS –

You do it in a heartbeat.

Thanks for checking out all the Long Lost Logos columns from the SlamBall Archives. We’re always looking for ideas and direction for the teams development, new team ideas and so forth. Send in your ideas, sketches and drawings and we’ll include them in our mailbag segment.

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Comment below.

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  1. Jay

    April 24, 2011

    I think the new Rumble logos should be a darker green like the current one. Also I actually liked the cranberry/blue.

    • Mason Gordon

      May 1, 2011

      Really? Liked the Cranberry/baby blue unis? Fascinating (to quote Leonard Nemoy via Zachary Quinto…just where my brain went, apologies to Trekkers everywhere)…

      Maybe we can update those bad boys somehow and make them a cool alt-uni. And I like the feedback on the Rumble unis. Thing is, we use the colors that show up best on TV. There’s a reason we use that particular green, red or yellow as they’re in the sweet spot color wise for the largest numbers of old school TVs.

  2. Marvelle Saulsberry

    April 21, 2011

    i really like these ideas of knowing what could ve been you re an awesome owner and i no who the south park characters are but u i no u want to add cities to the teams and bring the other teams back for a ten team season so here are my ideas thanks ti the help of some of yours
    Memphis Maulers
    Chicago Mob
    New York Bouncers
    Dallas Hombres
    Los Angeles Rumble
    Tampa Bay Slashers
    Boston Bandits
    Detroit Riders
    Atlanta Steel
    Pittsburgh Rousties
    feel free to take these into consideration or adjust if neccesary seriously i want the maulers in memphis (wink wink) idk care wer u put the rumble but the bandits and these other teams r my 3 way tie favorites also u shud just have a lottery style draft to sort out the ten teams u r an awesome player y r u not starting between u me and anyone reading this u r better wutever gunner is in front of u thats not ghettobird keep up the good work
    y did u guys go off the air on cartoon network me and my cousins and friends love you guys and u shud have more marketing merchandise such as official jerseys i want to be able to show up to school with a brown 8 jersey with a mad dog on front and the name fletcher on back for those of u that dont get it yet im talking about stan “sh8kes “fletcher

  3. SBSlashersPride

    April 16, 2011

    The Slashers logo is great as is…and Like you, I’m very glad you went to the red/white jerseys and away from the cranberry/blue.

    I’M L-O-V-I-N-G the first 2 alternative Rumble logos WAY better than the current logo. I hope to see one of those 2 as the new logo in the near future.

    I agree the MOB logo needs a pick-me-up. I like the current one, but it seems bland. Put those artists to work Mason, i know with your ideas, something great will come of it.

  4. Kevin

    April 6, 2011

    I quite like the bullet holes in the Mob logo, but the font is weird. All of the Rumble ones are good. The new Slashers logo is definately the best.

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