First ever mailbag. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Real submissions from real people.


Greatest-email-ever competition has officially begun with this stunner from Michael Biro. His creation and subsequent photos are…well check them out. Big thanks to Michael for sending.

MG: Dig the stoppers hemmed up under the hoop, the proper number of subs. The fresh jet-black springbeds and the red pads (Mob home court?).

MG: I think those are little NBA lego players. Is he wearing an old T-Mac Orlando Magic Jersey?!?! I also like the skeleton referee.

MG: The best touch is the clear hockey walls. Details are key. I could swear that’s Indiana Jones in the audience on the right side.


Thierry Rebeau from Toronto, Canada sent in SlamBall South Park characters. I almost died laughing at LaMonica’s facial and head stubble. Thierry sent the All-SlamBall team players and promises more characters to come. Can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

MG: I guess Adam needs a nickname…


First name: Miles
Last name: Madison
City: Wheeling
State / Province / Region: WV
Height: 5’5
Weight: 90
Primary Sport: Streetball
Learned about SlamBall from:: TV
Additional Information: Im awesome and I can sneak through tight spaces.

MG: “Sneak through tight spaces”…hmmm…that actually sort of makes sense. Not sure he’s making at team at 5’5″ and 90lbs though. Check out the following coaching submission from Kentucky…

First name: Evan
Last name: Cole
City: Salvisa
State / Province / Region: KY
Country: USA
Primary Sport Coached: Basketball
Learned about SlamBall from:: TV
Additional Information: I live in a log cabin, no food, no wife. My kids left with my wife. She got all the money in the settlement. I need this.

MG: Which was sad until the next player submission…

First name: Evan
Last name: Cole
City: Salvisa
State / Province / Region: Kentucky
Country: United States of America
Height: 5’7
Weight: 135 lbs.
Primary Sport: Basketball (Other)
Learned about SlamBall from:: TV
Additional Information: My dog died March 12, 2011

MG: Okay Evan, you just tripped my BS radar. As I’m writing this, I pray they aren’t real submissions and I just called out some poor log cabin living/lonely guy with no wife and kids/gnarly divorce settlement having…eating left over dog food because his pooch died a few weeks ago. I would feel TERRIBLE. Current odds of that 50-1 against. And finally…

First name: Adam
Last name: Thorsteinson
City: Waterloo
State / Province / Region: Ontario
Country: Canada
Primary Sport Coached: Basketball
Learned about SlamBall from:: TV
Additional Information: I coached in the Markham Senior basketball league, AAA. I also volunteer at the Toronto orphanage for under privileged children that want to play basketball. I won the York Region 100 m championship. Coach Carter is also my dad. The movie the Movie the Mighty Ducks is written about my life. I directed Avatar and starred in Black Swan. I’m also Spike Lee and Lil’ Bow Wow. I would be a good coach because I’m $#&%ing awesome and did so much cool $#&%. Also, I have an idea for team names. Like the Bouncers, Mob, Hombres. I think these are good names that you  should use.

MG: Nicely done. If you’re gonna send a bogus application, way to go all out.


Hank Glassner
hglassner45 Hank Glassner
If there was a March Madness of college SlamBall, you bet your ass I’d watch it…hell I’d might even try to be the #SlamBallcinderella

MG: DING! DING! DING! It’s the NCAA Tournament time-of-year and you’ve just stumbled upon my hot button issue. The NCAA SlamBall tournament will be like the Rugby National Championships. NCAA Club sport with legit TV coverage and sponsors. The model is already there. Start with small schools and populate the field of teams quickly as it gets popular on campus. If the school’s star SlamBall player gets hot girls on campus, everyone will be going out for SlamBall. Potential to be the greatest NCAA club sport ever (after Rugby…they get props for paving the way).

Thanks to readers from all over for contributing to the mailbag column. Blockbuster news coming up as a major sports site is doing a feature on SlamBall. Stay tuned for the big news. Comment below.

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  1. liyar

    May 1, 2011

    awwwwwwww, mine was completely hilarious, and was actually CLEVER, these apps are lame, c’mon, i want rippenclipple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kevin

    March 28, 2011

    What are the Rugby National Championships like?

  3. Trish Ostrander

    March 27, 2011

    HA-LARRY-US …SouthPark Players…Sicckkkkkkkkkkk!! MASE….wait’n with anticipation for the SEASON 4 =)

  4. aRM

    March 27, 2011

    Because I’m %#}^*+^ awesome gets my vote as a valid reason to be given the opportunity to play/coach. Aha! Classic!

  5. Alex

    March 27, 2011

    The Lego work is amazing! Thumbs for Michael!

    “I live in a log cabin, no food, no wife. My kids left with my wife. She got all the money in the settlement. I need this.”

    “My dog died March 12, 2011″

    “Also, I have an idea for team names. Like the Bouncers, Mob, Hombres. I think these are good names that you should use.”

    …so, strange guys like SlamBall? These are great moment of funny madness :D
    Or Mason, you are a bad person and all they said is true :D :D

    Good news for a SlamBall NCAA tournament.

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