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MOB gunner Sean “Inches” Jackson, is the original Mobster, having filled roles as a dominant scorer, all-around player and inspirational team leader going all the way back to SlamBall’s inception. Standing 5’10″ has never stopped Sean from being a dominant player and his popularity stems as much from his undersized stature as his oversized play.
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History of the Game

From the Warehouse to the World, the history of SlamBall is a story of innovation, guts and perseverance in the face of incredible odds.

Take an overview of SlamBall history through the years and get the particulars on this 21st Century breakout sport. Tour SlamBall History »

The SlamBall Court

The SlamBall court is a highly engineered, articulating combination of playing surfaces specifically designed to accommodate SlamBall play. SlamBall LLC is in the process of rolling these courts out for use all over the world with license partners in various countries. More »

Bring SlamBall to Your Area

SlamBall is entering into licensing agreements around the world. If you are a facility owner or promoter interested in bringing SlamBall to your area, here’s some handy information to get you started.

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Mike Tollin

Mike (pictured here with SlamBall’s biggest supporter, Lucas) built SlamBall from a rough idea to national television prominence on Spike TV, CBS and a major deal with sports marketing giant, IMG.


Top Ten SlamBall Blocks

Your one-stop source for the greatest SlamBall dunks, jams, hits, blocks oops, passes and plays. Check out the Top Ten Brutal Blocks from our SlamBall highlights.

It’s the living hall of fame highlight reel and YOU vote the plays on or off the list. Also, check out our countdown of the TOP 10 plays from SB3 and the TOP 10 hits from SB2 These countdowns have been viewed in various forms over 5 million times on YouTube, but these are the official lists.

Incredible Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got millions and millions of words worth of amazing SlamBall pictures. Check out our official SlamBall Photostreams

Contributiors Corner

Riley is home to some of the top SlamBall sports writers on the web. Check out features by league and fan favorite Vernon Riley, who brings an unbridled passion for the sport as he interviews the top players and coaches in the game. Become a Contributor »

SlamBall Video Channels

Dedicated Video Channels to your favorite teams and players. MOB, RUMBLE, MAULERS, SLASHERS, HOMBRES, BOUNCERS, STEAL, RIDERS, DIABLOS, BANDITS and many more.

Mason Gordon

Mason built the first SlamBall court out of spare parts in a tiny Los Angeles warehouse. He now works tirelessly to build the sport and travels the world to expand the game globally.


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